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Deer pressure is massive here. We've seen up to 13 in a single herd, we seem to have defaulted to two or three family groups of mom and a couple of fawns that pass around the garden every day or so
The deer fence is from Benner's Gardens and is 8 feet high, 1 1/2" square mesh black PVC. It has been up for over 20 years, with numerous repairs for damage from fallen branches and the occasional deer that took exception to it. Most of it is hung from trees with roofing nails. I have shortened the runs in many places by adding extra powder coated galvanized posts, doubled the fence up in high pressure areas and added a straining wire along the top. It is pinned with ground stakes. The gate across the driveway is essential, as are the kids to open and close it
A bald faced hornets' nest. We have these every year - they favor Magnolia trees close to the porch and driveway. If you leave them alone they learn your behavior and ignore you as well
Foxes in late January. Look closely and you'll see there are two and that they are making baby foxes in a most unromantic fashion.
Praying mantis drinking condensation on a glass
Baby raccoons playing in a tree by the patio
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