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Taken back in the early 2000s. Fall color is gorgeous here - peaking in late October. Native deciduous woodland is mainly composed of American beech, several oak and hickory species, and tulip trees. Dogwoods (Cornus florida) are abundant, and native shrubs include Rhododendron periclymenoides and Vaccinium species
A number of magnolias have been planted - this is 'Daybreak'
We have around 20 witch hazels which are gorgeous in late winter (and the fall)
Aesculus pavia down the driveway
All the trees ahve been naturally or otherwise limbed-up to provide masses of space and dappled shade in the woodland
Redbuds from our bathroom window
Lots os Chinese dogwoods have been planted - this is Wolf Eyes
Redbuds and native azaleas
Native azaleas
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