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Back in the late 90s before the woodland really got developed, looking east towards the house
We started with 400 seed-raised cyclamen hederifolium and now have tens of thousands on the hill above the house
Lots of exposed (and buried) rocks - here naturalised with Stylophorum diphyllum
Cyclamen hederifolium ground-cover punctuated with Phlox stolonifera, epimediums, erythroniums, anemonellas etc.
Thousands of trilliums are all through the woodland, many self-seeding
Mainly Phlox divaricata and later pedicillate trilliums on the slope at the eastern end
Lots of epimediums with wonderful spring foliage
The slope above the driveway
Trillium pusillum var. alabamicum self-seeding happily in conditions very different from its swampy normal habitat
Trillium vaseyi is happy but won't seed around - just too hot and dry
Thousands of Corydalis solida have seeded in all colors over the west end of the woodland
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