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Welcome to "Edgewood", the Lonsdale family's garden in Exton, Pennsylvania, in the NE USA.

"Edgewood" is a private garden which has been evolving since the family's move from the UK to the US in 1995. It is home to several thousand hardy plants, trees and shrubs, grown in a variety of raised beds, woodland, greenhouses and other settings.

Sharing over 13,000 digital images of the plants and garden at 'Edgewood' was the primary driver behind the development of this web site. The Plant Images album displays photos of individual plants, categorized by botanical hierarchy. The Garden Images album takes you to a collection of images showing more general views, captured during the various seasons since fall 2000. The Edgewood Gardens album includes images annotated with descriptions of major garden areas. There is also a Homeland Security album which contains pictures of all the family pets which are vital to keeping away all those critters which would otherwise consume the plants.

The Articles link will lead you to more specific articles about the cultivation and propagation techniques used at "Edgewood". Plants for sale or exchange can be viewed by following the Lectures & Sales link, which will also take you to a list of lectures offered by John, together with a short biography.

The image albums are generated using JAlbum, an excellent Java-based program which is available for download from

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