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Cyclamen, Galanthus, Trillium and Peonies for Sale

Bulbs and plants are available by mail order or at plant sales I'm attending or presentations I am giving. In addition to the Cyclamen available here, I also have Galanthus (snowdrops), trilliums and seedling species peonies available year-round. I always have a selection of potted Galanthus available, and a different range will be available in summer as dormant bulbs. Similarly, I always have some potted Trillium for sale, and a larger selection available bare-root in the summer. Species peony seedlings are typically 2-3 years old and are available potted year-round, or bare root when dormant. Please ask for a list detailing current availability by e-mail to Subject to availability, plants can be reserved at any time by e-mail.

In 2018 I will be selling plants at:

Pine Knot Farms Hellebore Festival in Clarksville, VA on Friday/Saturday, February 16/17, and 23/24

The Snowdrop Gala in Downingtown, PA on Saturday March 3rd

The Bank to Bend lecture at Winterthur Garden in Winterthur, DE on Saturday March 10th

'Raulston Blooms' Plant Sale at JC Raulston Arboretum, NC State University, Raleigh, NC, on Friday/Saturday April 6/7

AHS Spring Garden Market at River Farm, Alexandria, VA on Friday/Saturday April 13/14

Alpine Plant Sale at Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, NY on Saturday April 28

Ladew Garden Festival in Monkton, MD on Friday/Saturday May 4/5

Green Springs Garden in Fairfax, VA on Saturday May 19

I'll also be attending the inaugural Pine Knot Farms Fall Festival in Clarksville, VA on Friday/Saturday, September 28/29 as well as a couple of sales in the fall, with Dick Tyler from Pine Knot Farms. Pre-ordered plants can be brought to all these events.

Please order by e-mail to, minimum order is $25 plus shipping.  Plants described as hardy have been growing outside for at least 3 years in our zone 6b garden, in appropriate conditions. 

John Lonsdale offers PowerPoint lectures to gardening clubs and interested groups world-wide. A brief biography is available here. All images are taken by John, either in the garden at "Edgewood", or occasionally of plants in habitat.  Information passed on comes only from his extensive personal experience.  For those groups within reasonable driving distance of Exton, Pa, he can also present demonstration-lectures, bringing along and discussing a variety of potted plants, bulbs etc.  These have been very well received and are an ideal way of introducing genera such as Cyclamen (less interesting during the summer months!).    Plants for sale can be brought to local meetings.  The major focus at "Edgewood" is on hardy plants and one of the main objectives is to attempt to grow as many species as possible in the open garden, reliably and with minimal or no protection.  Careful siting or cultural conditions mean that a wide variety of plants, especially bulbs, can be grown outdoors in a way that might traditionally be considered improbable, if not impossible. Many of these plants are included in the lectures below.  Tips on cultivation and propagation are widely featured and slide lists are always provided.  Lecture topics include:
"The Magic of Cyclamen" "Unusual Bulbs for the Garden" "Pushing the Limits" "Fall Bulbs - Untapped Treasures"
"Bulbs for Shade" "Species Iris" "Spring Bulbs" "Bulbs under Glass"
"Woodland Treasures" "New Enthusiasms" "Alpine Primulaceae" "Daphnes"
Garden Visits and Tours
The garden is not open for visits without prior arrangement.  If you are a member of a horticultural society or club and are interested in visiting please e-mail me at to enquire about availability.  The garden is particularly attractive in mid-late March (many early flowering bulbs and woodlanders, Corydalis, Hepatica, Helleborus, Adonis and Eranthis) and mid-April to June (a whole host of Trilliums, woodland and sun-loving bulbs, slipper orchids, Erythroniums, Epimedium, Iris, Daphne, Magnolia, Cornus and many other flowering shrubs), as well as in October when the fall-flowering bulbs (Cyclamen, Sternbergia, Colchicum, Crocus etc.) are at their peak. Footpaths throughout the garden ensure easy access to the planted areas.

All of the images featured on this web site are available for private or commercial use.  Please e-mail me at to enquire about availability.