Update History
January 1st 2018 Cyclamen sales list and sales events updated. New lists available for Galanthus, Trillium and species peonies. ~1500 new images added from 2016 and 2017. New Edgewood Gardens Overview album added. RIP Shadow and Bat Girl, welcome Tilly!
April 18th 2016 Cyclamen sales list and sales events updated
February 12th 2016 ~1500 new images added from 2015 and early 2016.
February 15th 2015

~1000 new images added from 2013 and 2014. Cyclamen sales list updated

March 14th 2014 Cyclamen sales list updated
December 31st 2012 ~ 700 new images added
January 5th 2012 ~ 1400 new images added; 2012 Cyclamen Sales List uploaded
May 15 2011 ~ 1200 new images added; 2011 Cyclamen Sales List uploaded
January 1st 2010 ~ 1250 new images added, including many garden scenes and a few more cats; 2010 Cyclamen Sales List uploaded
January 18th 2009 2009 Cyclamen Sales List uploaded
January 1st 2009 ~ 850 new images added, including many garden scenes and a few cats; 3 new articles added
March 11th 2008 Updated list of Cyclamen available for sale
December 24th 2006 ~ 600 new images added, including many garden scenes
April 3rd 2006 Web site redesigned and 'Edgewood' JAlbum skin implemented
January 21st 2006 Plant and garden image album generation software changed to JAlbum and 80 new images added.
January 9th 2006 Made major revisions and uploaded and uploaded 830 new images.
July 10th 2005 Revised Trillium pages and uploaded 200 new images.
February 20th 2005 Uploaded 144 new images and Cyclamen listing for summer 2005 shipping
December 11th 2004 Added new images of Galax aphylla Watnong and various trees showing fall colors.
December 5th 2004 500 new images were added to the 'Plant Galleries' and text from an article on 'Trilliums' published in spring 2004 in 'Bulbs', the Bulletin of the International Bulb Society, was added to the 'Cultivation' page
February 16th 2004 Over 350 new images have been added to the 'Plant Galleries'.  Photos of the garden taken this winter have also been placed in 'The Garden' section.  Snow patches still abound, with more on the way. Last night the temperature bottomed out at 6F, but spring is somewhere around the corner. There's lots of color in the greenhouses as the early spring crocuses and cyclamen get going. There are also a few shots of hardy plants looking a bit worse for wear after the snow and ice. They are all OK, though and seem to build up happily regardless.
November 26th 2003 awarded The Alpine Garden Golden Links Award.
May 24th 2003 Over 550 new images have been added to the 'Plant Galleries'.  Photos of the garden taken this spring have also been placed in 'The Garden' section
March 10th 2003 A very much enhanced version of the aspWebAlbum software has recently been implemented.  Numerous new features are included, especially support which allows visitors to set their own viewing preferences.  It is now possible to locally set the number of columns and rows used to display thumbnails, allowing customization to suit individual screen sizes and resolutions.  One can also now select favorite images and save them in a 'Favorites' folder which can be reviewed whenever the site is visited.....
December 12th 2002 29 images added - fall 'bulbs' ( Crocus laevigatus, veneris & vitellinus, Ipheion recurvifolium ( sessile ) , Narcissus Cedric Morris & Iris planifolia ).  Cyclamen added to 'For Sale' page.
November 24th 2002 Images added of Crocus aleppicus & hyemalis.
November 12th 2002 234 images added - fall 'bulbs' (mainly Cyclamen and Crocus, also Allium, Galanthus, Iris, Merendera, Narcissus, Nothoscordum, Scilla, Spiranthes and Sternbergia ) and fall foliage.  Highlights include:- Crocus vallicola, moabiticus, hermoneus, tournefortii hybrids, several forms of  goulimyi, hadriaticus and pallasii, serotinus 'El Torcal'..... Cyclamen graecum ssp. anatolicum leaves, lovely pictures of several forms of intaminatum and cilicium, and hederifolium in the garden.... Nothoscordum montevidense
September 30th 2002 21 images added - Cyclamen leaves/flowers, more Colchicum
September 24th 2002 Search feature improved (case insensitive), and thumbnail misalignment corrected.  Hyperlink added on the home page which will allow all images in the latest update to be viewed as a single batch.  Reorganized Crocus and Cyclamen images into 'natural' divisions.  Various images of Cyclamen, Colchicum, Sternbergia sicula, Merendera montana, Scilla lingulata var. ciliolata and Cornus kousa in fruit added.
September 6th 2002 Image Search feature fully implemented.
September 5th 2002 Images of Lilium gloriosoides, Cyclamen graecum and various late summer garden views added.
September 4th 2002 Five published articles added to 'Cultivation' page - Cultivation and propagation of Cyclamen, Daphne, Crocus , Himalayan Androsace and New Zealand cushion plants.
September 3rd 2002 Leucojum autumnale forms and Leucojum roseum added.
August 21st 2002 Garden views, Cyclamen purpurascens leaf forms, Cypripedium kentuckiense flower variation, Spigelia marilandica, many more Allium, Brodiaea and Triteleia.  A general description of the garden has been added to  'The Garden' page.
August 14th 2002 Site launched.